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Trusts, Foundations and Community Governance: insights from New Zealand and Australian Experience 2014
This note by Peter McKinlay was prepared as part of a discussion with the European Centre for Foundations on the evolving role of trusts and foundations and explores emerging thinking on the potential of trusts and foundations to play a potentially pivotal role in community governance. It draws primarily on New Zealand and Australian experience, but benefits also from discussions with colleagues in the Philanthropication Through Privatisation project.

A Community Housing Trust for Taupo: Issues and Options 2007
Client: Taupo District Council

This report considers options for the establishment of a community housing trust as a means of dealing with problems of housing affordability. It includes discussion of possible options for trust structure and governance.

Public Wealth and Trusts 2001
Written for the New Zealand Institute of Policy Studies' Policy Series.
This paper provides an overview of the establishment, governance and investment and distribution policies of New Zealand's community trusts and energy trusts. It was prepared to assist stakeholders consider the trusts' potential role in regional economic development.

The Application of the Trust Model in the Local Government Sector: A Scene Setting Overview of the Trust Model August 2000
Seminar paper
A paper presented to a Society of Local Government Managers / Local Government New Zealand seminar, providing guidance on when and how local government might wish to use trusts (which, if council controlled, are also CCOs) .

Assessing the Effectiveness and Future Viability of Trusts in the New Competitive Market July 2000
Conference paper

A paper to the Electricity Industry Reform Conference in Wellington. it considers the legal, constitutional, social and economic anomalies arising from the way trusts have been used in the electricity industry, issues which are still topical.

Putting the Community into the Community Trust of Southland June 1999
AGM address

An address to the 1999 Annual General Meeting of the Community Trust of Southland, based on Peter McKinlay’s book 'Public Ownership and the Community', to stimulate debate within the Trust on governance, accountability and co-ordination with other local public entities.

Public Ownership and Accountability May 1999
Seminar presentation

A presentation to the Wairarapa Funders Seminar providing an overview of issues raised by the ownership and management of public wealth through local and regional trusts.

Public Ownership and the Community April 1999
Conference presentation

A paper presented to the Public Administration and Development Jubilee Conference at Oxford University.

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