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Council controlled organisations (CCOs)

Integration of Urban Services and Good Governance: the Auckland Super City Project 2011-12
Seminar paper

This paper was presented to the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (PECC) Seminar on Environmental Sustainability in Urban Centres held in Perth, Western Australia in April 2011 and published in 2012. A principal theme of the paper is the use of Council controlled organisations in service delivery. The paper, and a companion paper, were published by PECC in Environmental Sustainability in Urban Centres available here.

Auckland's CCOs: The Death of Democracy, or Genuinely Council Controlled? October 2010
One of the most controversial aspects of the restructuring of local government in Auckland was the decision to place the bulk of service delivery in a series of seven council controlled organisations (CCOs). This note looks at the background to this decision, the arrangements now in place for Auckland's CCOs, and the argument that the use of CCOs can enhance local democratic control if councils understand how to exercise the powers they have. It was published in Local Matters, the e-newsletter of AUT University's Local Government Centre.

An Overview of Auckland's Local Government Restructuring 2010
The Ottawa-based Forum of Federations links together countries with federal systems of government to promote research and dialogue about governing in federal systems. Its Metropolitan Governance Roundtable has been taking a close interest in the Auckland restructuring as the single most significant metropolitan restructuring in recent years. This presentation by Peter McKinlay to its 2010 meeting in Brisbane gave Forum members an overview of the Auckland restructuring and the role of CCOs in service delivery.

The Auckland Super City: News from New Zealand April 2010
The use of arms-length entities by local government is currently attracting a lot of interest in England. These slides are taken from a presentation Peter McKinlay gave to a London audience hosted by the Local Government Information Unit providing an overview of the Auckland restructuring and the use and governance of CCOs. Note: these slides may take a few moments to open.

Local Government Bill: Council-Controlled Organisations January 2002
CLIENT: Local Government New Zealand
A report for Local Government New Zealand on implications of Part 4 of the draft Local Government Amendment Bill.

Wellington City Council Zoo Governance Options 2002
This report was commissioned by the Wellington City Council to look at the most appropriate governance structure for the Council owned Wellington Zoo. The report canvassed options in the context of the principles and requirements of 'good governance'. It recommended the establishment of an incorporated charitable trust and provides a still-relevant example of how to think about using a trust as a CCO.

The Use of Local Authority Trading Enterprises: A Draft Guide 2000
Council controlled organisations in New Zealand (CCOs) evolved from an earlier form of local authority-owned companies, Local Authority Trading Enterprises (LATEs). This draft guide to the use of LATEs was prepared by McKinlay Douglas Ltd for the New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs. Although it is now some years old, much of what it has to say remains relevant in today's governance and management of CCOs.

The Application of the Trust Model in the Local Government Sector: A Scene Setting Overview of the Trust Model August 2000
Seminar paper

A paper presented to a Society of Local Government Managers / Local Government New Zealand seminar, providing guidance on when and how local government might wish to use trusts (which, if council controlled, are also CCOs) .

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