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Making Housing Meaningful for Councils: Background Paper for Housing New Zealand Corporation 2008
This paper was prepared as background for a series of workshops with Housing New Zealand Corporation staff to help them better understand the history of local government involvement in social housing, and how best to work with councils in the current environment.

Community Land Trusts: A Scoping Report 2007

Client: Taupo District Council
This report was prepared for the Taupo District Council to scope different understandings of housing affordability and explore the potential of the community land trust model which has been attracting considerable attention in North America and the United Kingdom. This report, and the companion report for Taupo District Council, will be relevant in considering responses to the August 2010 Report Home and Housed: A Vision for Social Housing in New Zealand

A Community Housing Trust for Taupo: Issues and Options 2007
Taupo District Council
This report considers options for the establishment of a community housing trust as a means of dealing with problems of housing affordability. It includes discussion of possible options for trust structure and governance.

Housing Needs for People with Disabilities in the Bay of Plenty and Lakes Region June 2006
Main Report

The purpose of this in-depth report was to provide a comprehensive researched and consultation- based overview of the housing needs of people with disabilities in the Bay of Plenty region of New Zealand to inform disability housing planning and provision. The project was the first of its kind in New Zeland and was undertaken as an innovative collaboration of the Housing New Zealand Corporation, two district health boards, a local authority and a community housing trust.
Consultation Report
Companion to the main report: a qualitative analysis to accompany the main report, drawing from the first-hand experiences of people with disabilities and their families in the Bay of Plenty region.
Desk Top Report
Companion to the main report: a statistical analysis of available quantifiable data on the housing needs of people with disabilities in the Bay of Plenty region.

The Role of Local Government in the Provision of Affordable Housing January 2004

CLIENT: Local Government New Zealand, Dunedin City Council, Wellington City Council, North Shore City Council, New Plymouth District Council and Western Bay of Plenty District Council
This report focuses on the role of local government in the provision of rental housing and looks at the important role local government now has in relation to social housing.
Report also available from Local Government New Zealand.

Local Government and Community Involvement in Ownership and Management of Social Housing January 2001
Report (Executive Summary)

CLIENT: Ministry of Social Policy and Local Government New Zealand
The emphasis on this report is on partnership options for social housing involving central government, local government, the voluntary and community sector and Iwi/Maori.

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