" The paths to the future are not found but created"


Community Governance: Address to Local Government Managers Australia 2011
Conference paper, Cairns, Australia
This paper is the text of Peter McKinlay’s keynote address to Local Government Managers Australia 2011 National Congress. Its purpose was to provide delegates (primarily senior managers from within local government across Australia) with an overview of the changes taking place in the environment for local government, and how these might shape the future of the sector.

New Directions in New Zealand Local Government 2009
Conference paper, Victoria, Australia
This paper was presented by Peter McKinlay to the Municipal Association of Victoria's annual Future of Local Government Summit (2009). It outlines some newly emerging initiatives both internationally and in New Zealand local government of interest for Australian local authorities and which illustrate local government's strategic potential.

New Directions in New Zealand Local Government: Commonwealth Local Government Forum 2009
Conference paper, Freeport, Bahamas
This paper was presented by Peter McKinlay to the research colloquium of the Commonwealth Local Government Forum conference (Freeport, 2009) and is a companion paper to Peter McKinlay's presentation to the 2009 Future of Local Government Summit (see above). It looks at new roles for local government as a facilitator, including the use of local government's rating powers as an innovative, safe and cost-effective means of enabling older people to draw down the equity in their homes as a means of funding ageing in place services.

New Zealand Local Government: Evolution, Intervention and Innovation 2008
Presentation Vancouver, Canada
This presentation provided an overview of recent innovations in New Zealand local government and an outline of the Government's intended reform of local government in Auckland. It was delivered both to the Ministry of Community Development in British Columbia, and to a Masters class in World Cities at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver.

Local Government Finances - What's Happening in New Zealand: A Presentation to the South Australian Local Government Financial Management Group Conference 2006
Presentation Adelaide, Australia
The purpose of this presentation was to provide an overview of recent changes in New Zealand local government legislation especially as it affected the funding and finances of local government. The context was South Australian local government's review of its own arrangements.

Better Local Services: Improving Local Government Delivery Through Innovation and Partnerships: Lessons From the New Zealand Experience: A Presentation to the Commonwealth Local Government Forum Asia-Pacific Regional Symposium 2005
Presentation, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
This presentation provided an overview of recent reforms in New Zealand local government as they affected service delivery, and incorporates three case studies of local government innovation in service delivery.

Future of Local Government Summit: A New Zealand Perspective 2005
Presentation, Melbourne, Australia
A presentation to the Future of Local Government Summit conference in Melbourne, exploring the changing environment for local government and its future role.

The Strategic Role of Local Government: A Comparison of English and New Zealand Experience August 2000

A paper prepared following discussions in the United Kingdom in April 1999 with officials, local government representatives and researchers with an interest in local government.

The New Zealand Reforms – They Worked in Theory: What about the Practice? 2000
Presentation, Hong Kong
This presentation for the Hong Kong Civil Service Training and Development Institute provided an overview of New Zealand's public sector reforms.


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