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Private Sector

Business Social Investment Activity in New Zealand 2006
A research project
This project was carried out jointly by the Institute of Public Policy at AUT University (Auckland) and McKinlay Douglas Ltd, funded by the Tindall Foundation. The purpose was to identify ways of encouraging and supporting cross-sector collaboration betwen business and community organisations with the aim of achieving better social outcomes. The project was action-oriented and included case studies of innovative collaborations. The research covered international and New Zealand experience and the role of brokers in cross sector collaboration.
This is a large report and may take a few moments to open.
To obtain the printed report, contact us.

A Guide To Working With Draft Annual Plans And Long Term Council Community Plans March 2004

CLIENT: New Zealand Chamber of Commerce
A guide assisting Chambers of Commerce to effectively engage with their local and regional councils, on behalf of their local and regional memberships, in the context of long term council community plans. Its purpose was to encourage business sector engagement with local government.

Redesigning Resources: Social Responsibility - Business Challenge June 2000
Conference presentation

A presentation to the Redesigning Resources Conference, Christchurch New Zealand. The principal theme is the strategic relevance, for business, of corporate social responsibility.

Social Responsibility: A Matter of Corporate Strategic Management January 1997

An article on the strategic management theme in corporate social responsibility, published in The Independent.

Cost of Capital 1996
Forum Paper

A paper presented to the Local Government Forum to assist local authorities understand why the business community places such importance on the use of cost capital.

Social Responsibility and the Company: A New Perspective on Governance, Strategy and the Community
Authors - Adrienne von Tunzelmann (McKinlay Douglas Ltd) with David Cullwick (Ernst and Young)
Book - Published by the Institute of Policy Studies, Victoria University of Wellington 1996

This book explores corporate social responsibility in NZ from a business perspective. It places it in the context of current policy settings and the changing demands of competition, both of which govern sustainable business performance and are changing the terms on which companies must manage their environments. Research carried out for the book into the direction which social responsibility is taking in NZ companies revealed that a number of companies are giving consideration to their interaction with their communities, seeing wider stakeholder relationships as important sources of value to the company.
To find out more, and/or how to obtain the book, contact us. Or: Order this book from the Institute of Public Policy.


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