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Governance Design

Rethinking Governance May 2013
NZ Treasury Guest Lecture Series
Peter McKinlay presented this paper as a guest lecture in the NZ Treasury's lecture series. The theme of the paper is the growing and research-based evidence that market-based strategies need to be complemented by a new understanding of governance as a perspective which encourages collaboration between the public, private and non-profit sectors.

Governance: A Think Piece 2008
New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries

This paper, commissioned from McKinlay Douglas Limited by the New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, relates to a Government initiative to establish a partnership with the pastoral and food sectors, to step up the performance of these sectors through substantial co-investment in education, research, development and commercialisation. The task was to prepare a high level think piece that included options for organisational form to achieve the transformational change the Government was seeking, create true industry partnership and buy-in and ensure collaborative decision-making.

Guidelines prepared for the assistance of the Steering Group responsible for the establishment of the Opotiki Community Trust 2007

This report was prepared for the Opotiki District Council (New Zealand) to provide guidance for the establishment of the Opotiki Community Trust. It covers matters such as the design of the trust deed itself, the selection and appointment of trustees and public accountability.

Setting New Standards of Governance for the Public Sector April 2003
Conference paper
A paper to the Governance and Accountability in the Public Sector Conference held in Wellington. It highlights then (and often still) current issues in governance, especially the tension between our accountability culture and the conditions needed to promote innovative and dynamic management.

Local Government Bill: Council-Controlled Organisations January 2002
CLIENT: Local Government New Zealand
A report for Local Government New Zealand on implications of Part 4 of the draft Local Government Amendment Bill.

New Zealand Qualifications Authority: Board Manual 2001
NZQA commissioned McKinlay Douglas Ltd to undertake a review of its existing Board Manual and Standing Orders for the purpose of bringing these key documents into a form that would better facilitate Board business and align them with good governance practice. The document found here is in two parts: a report to the NZQA Board; and a revised draft board manual.

The Application of the Trust Model in the Local Government Sector: A Scene Setting Overview of the Trust
Model August 2000

Seminar paper
A paper presented to a Society of Local Government Managers / Local Government New Zealand seminar, providing guidance on when and how local government might wish to use trusts (which, if council controlled, are also CCOs) .

Assessing the Effectiveness and Future Viability of Trusts in the New Competitive Market July 2000
Conference paper

A paper to the Electricity Industry Reform Conference in Wellington. it considers the legal, constitutional, social and economic anomalies arising from the way trusts have been used in the electricity industry, issues which are still topical.

Beyond Competency Toward Capability: Toward a capable education sector December 1997
Keynote address

An address to the Toward a Capable Education Sector Conference sponsored by the Education and Training Support Agency raising a number of questions, still relevant, regarding the governance and management of tertiary institutions. a principal theme is the need to take a strategic approach to understanding the context in which institutions function.

Crown Entities: Categories and Principles 1995

CLIENT: State Services Commission
A report prepared for the State Services Commission as part of its Whole of Government Perspective Series. The report was widely used within Government and the Crown entity sector for a number of years as a guide to the principles that should apply in the establishment and operation of crown entities.

Corporatisation: The Solution for State Owned Enterprise? 1987
Book - published by the Victoria University Press for the Institute of Policy Studies
The first of April 1987 saw what has been hailed as the biggest shake up in the history of the New Zealand public service. On this day, 9 corporations, established as limited liability companies, took over from 6 different government departments the administration of billions of dollars of assets, and the employment of some tens of thousands of people. This book written by Peter McKinlay (Executive Director of MDL Ltd) puts this change into context both internationally and in terms of New Zealand’s new development.
Order this book from the Institute of Public Policy.

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