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Policy Innovation and Strategy

Community Engagement Project 2009
This project examined emerging international practice in different approaches to community engagement, drawing a contrast with the conventional practices of community consultation mandated under New Zealand's Local Government Act.

Looking After the Baby Boomers 2007
A presentation to the Local Government Conference 2007 on an innovative strategy for a local government response to an ageing population.

Looking After the Baby Boomers 2007

A slide presentation to the Local Government Conference 2007 on an innovative strategy for a local government response to an ageing population.

What Ways Can The Costs of Restoration be Shared? A Presentation to the Rotorua Lakes Symposium - Wonderful Lakes - What Value? - Who Pays? 2006
This presentation provides an overview of the public policy principles which should be applied to determining the vexed question of how the costs of remediating the quality of the water in nationally significant bodies of water should be distributed, with reference to the lakes in the agricultural catchment surrounding Rotorua (New Zealand).

Community Outcomes Project 2004/05

CLIENT: Local Government New Zealand
This project, undertaken for Local Government New Zealand and a group of central and local government co-funders, is a detailed explication of how the community outcomes process can be used as community-based strategic planning.
For full report click here.
The printed report is available from Local Government New Zealand.

A Guide To Working With Draft Annual Plans And Long Term Council Community Plans March 2004
CLIENT: New Zealand Chamber of Commerce
A guide assisting Chambers of Commerce to effectively engage with their local and regional councils, on behalf of their local and regional memberships, in the context of long term council community plans. Its purpose was to encourage business sector engagement with local government

Government Funding of Rotorua Lakes Restoration 2004
CLIENT: Environment Bay of Plenty
Environment Bay of Plenty (the Bay of Plenty Regional Council) wanted to secure a government contribution to the very substantial costs of remediating the water quality in Rotorua's lakes, despite strong government resistance. MDL developed the policy arguments which enabled EBOP to secure the contribution it sought.

The Relationship and Interplay between Local Authorities and the Community Sector in Economic
Development November 2002

Presentation slides

A presentation accompanying a paper delivered by Adrienne von Tunzelmann and Sue Duignan to the Australia New Zealand Third Sector Conference held in Auckland.

Western Bay of Plenty Smartgrowth Study June 2002

One of a set of three reports prepared for the SmartGrowth project to provide an overview of economic trends within the Western Bay of Plenty over the next 20 and 50 years. The MDL report is an economic scan that identifies potential initiatives for improving economic activity, and considers the nature of the future economy on based on current trends and overseas research and experience.
For more information about Smartgrowth, click here.

The Strategic Role of Local Government: A Comparison of English and New Zealand Experience August 2000

A paper prepared following discussions in England in April 1999 with officials, local government representatives and researchers with an interest in local government.

Redesigning Resources: Social Responsibility - Business Challenge June 2000
Conference presentation

A presentation to the Redesigning Resources Conference, Christchurch New Zealand. The principal theme is the strategic relevance, for business, of corporate social responsibility.

Project on Ways to Involve the Public in the Health System 1997
CLIENT: Transitional Health Authority (New Zealand)
A report for the Transitional Health Authority (subsequently the Health Funding Authority) to review different approaches used, nationally and internationally, to engage with the public on health services.

Beyond Competency Toward Capability: Toward a capable education sector December 1997
Keynote address

An address to the Toward a Capable Education Sector Conference sponsored by the Education and Training Support Agency raising a number of questions, still relevant, regarding the governance and management of tertiary institutions. a principal theme is the need to take a strategic approach to understanding the context in which institutions function.

Social Responsibility: A Matter of Corporate Strategic Management January 1997

An article on the strategic management theme in corporate social responsibility, published in The Independent.

Devolution: Partnership or Ad Hoc-ism? November 1998

A paper on the relationship between central and local government with the assistance of a grant from the State Services Commission.

Social Responsibility and the Company: A New Perspective on Governance, Strategy and the Community
Authors - Adrienne von Tunzelmann (McKinlay Douglas Ltd) with David Cullwick (Ernst and Young)
Book - Published by the Institute of Policy Studies, Victoria University of Wellington 1996
This book explores corporate social responsibility in NZ from a business perspective. It places it in the context of current policy settings and the changing demands of competition, both of which govern sustainable business performance and are changing the terms on which companies must manage their environments. Research carried out for the book into the direction which social responsibility is taking in NZ companies revealed that a number of companies are giving consideration to their interaction with their communities, seeing wider stakeholder relationships as important sources of value to the company.
To find out more, and/or how to obtain the book, contact us. Or: Order this book from the Institute of Public Policy.

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