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Public Management

National Medicines Strategy Review April 2007

A submission by the Pharmacy Guild of New Zealand (Inc) to the National Medicines Strategy Review substantially prepared by MDL as part of work on repositioning the role of community pharmacy.

Rationing Pharmaceuticals June 2006

A report prepared for the Pharmacy Guild of New Zealand, focusing on the role of community pharmacy in improving the utilisation of health sector resources.

Strategic Implications of Third Party Charging 2003
CLIENT: New Zealand Customs Service
This report was commissioned by the New Zealand Customs Service with a brief to provide an overview of the issues that Customs should take into account when considering its charging policy.

Adapting to New Powers of General Competence: Examining the Implications of New Freedoms and Constraints Under the New Legislation February 2003
Conference paper

A paper presented at the Successfully Implementing Local Government Reform Conference in Wellington. This paper demonstrates that the common view local government received enhanced powers of general competence as a result of the 2002 act is incorrect and that in fact local government had greater powers of general competence under the previous 1974 act.

The Relationship and Interplay between Local Authorities and the Community Sector in Economic
Development November 2002

Presentation slides

A presentation accompanying a paper delivered by Adrienne von Tunzelmann and Sue Duignan to the Australia New Zealand Third Sector Conference held in Auckland.

Turn of the Century Change in New Zealand's Public Enterprises 2001
Symposium paper

This paper was New Zealand's contribution to an international symposium on public enterprise and privatisation held in 2001. The symposium was published by the online journal Public Finance Management.

The Policy Players and "Best Outcomes": Going It Alone or in Partnership? 2001
Conference paper

A paper on broadening the base of government policy-making presented to the IIR Designing, Implementing and Evaluating Successful Government Policy Conference in Wellington.

Strategic Management, Performance Management and Accountability 2000
CLIENT: State Services Commission
This report was prepared for the New Zealand State Services Commission as part of the Commission's ongoing work on the processes of government decision making. It draws out, generically, the fundamental distinctions between strategic management, performance management and accountability with a view to helping unravel the distinct role each component plays in public management, and how they intersect.

Public Ownership and the Community 1999
Author - Peter McKinlay
Book - published by the Institute of Policy Studies, Victoria University of Wellington
$5 billion is held on behalf of NZ consumers and communities as the result of restructuring our trustee savings banks and electricity distributors into a series of trusts. This book written by Peter McKinlay (Executive Director of MDL Ltd) reviews the decisions which led to their establishment. It is a study of their governance and management, which sheds new light on issues of public versus private ownership, mandate, legitimacy and the meaning of community, as well as on the future of local government as major services such as water and waste water are restructured along commercial lines.
Order this book from the Institute of Policy Studies or contact us.

Outcomes, Contracting and Relational Contracting in Social Service Delivery 1999

CLIENT: State Services Commission
This report was prepared for the New Zealand State Services Commission as part of work the Commission undertook on improved social services delivery.

Assessing the Practical Impact of Changes to the Future Management of Roading and Water at Council Level March 1999
Conference paper

A paper presented to the Commercialisation of Infrastructure Assets Conference.

Control of Complex Structures 1999
Presentation notes

A presentation to the Master of Public Management Programme, Victoria University of Wellington.

Devolution: Partnership or Ad Hocism? November 1998

A paper on the relationship between central and local government with the assistance of a grant from the State Services Commission.

Project on Ways to Involve the Public in the Health System May 1997
Report (Executive Summary)

CLIENT: Transitional Health Authority
A report for the Transitional Health Authority (subsequently the Health Funding Authority) to review different approaches used, nationally and internationally, to engage with the public on health services.

Crown Entities: Categories and Principles 1995

CLIENT: State Services Commission
A report prepared for the State Services Commission as part of its Whole of Government Perspective Series. The report has been was widely used within Government and the Crown entity sector for a number of years as a guide to the principles that should apply in the establishment and operation of crown entities.

Redistribution of power? Devolution in New Zealand 1990
Author - Peter McKinlay
Book - published by the Victoria University Press for the Institute of Policy Studies
This book written by Peter McKinlay (Executive Director of MDL Ltd) explores the nature of the reform process that has been instituted by the New Zealand Labour Government, concluding that it is essentially a process of recentralisation. This process has not been a simple matter of devolution or disengagement as there are examples such as health which point towards centralisation. The book deals with local government, SOEs, education, health, women, welfare, iwi authorities and regulation, as well as placing the reforms in an historical context.
Contact us, or Order this book from the New Zealand Institute of Policy Studies.

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