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Reflections on the Role of Local and Central Government in the Delivery of Social Services December 2013

This report was prepared for the New Zealand Treasury as a think piece to assist it in considering the respective roles of central and local government in facilitating the better and more efficient delivery of the government's major social services.

Briefing for the Incoming Minister of Local Government 2008
Following General Elections in New Zealand, briefings are submitted to incoming Government Ministers. This briefing, prepared by Peter McKinlay in his role as director of the Local Government Centre at AUT University, highlights a number of opportunities for improving the legislative and operating framework for local government in New Zealand, and the advantages for central government and the wider community in doing so.

Review of Options for Input from the Mental Health Sector for Policy Development and Service Monitoring 2005

This report provides an overview of the arrangements the Ministry of Health had in place for obtaining input from the mental health sector to the development of policy, and reviews different possible approaches drawing on international experience

Review of New Zealand Visits and Ceremonial Office 2005
The Visits and Ceremonial Office is a strategically significant contributor to the Government’s foreign policy bilateral interests and to the Government’s concern to see New Zealand’s identity fostered through ceremonial and commemorative events. The purpose of the review was to position the Office for the future by linking capability to strategic direction.

Strategic Implications of Third Party Charging 2003
CLIENT: New Zealand Customs Service
This report was commissioned by the New Zealand Customs Service with a brief to provide an overview of the issues that Customs should take into account when considering its charging policy. The paper considers the principles a government department should apply when charging for what are effectively monopoly services, with an emphasis on avoidigng the use of charges as a form of taxation.

Making Connections Local, Regional, Central: Some Lessons From Overseas Experience 2003
Workshop presentation

This presentation looked at different approaches to community-based strategic planning, drawing on experience in England and Wales, as part of the New Zealand Department of Labour's preparation for working with New Zealand local government under the community outcomes process introduced by the 2002 Local Government Act.

The Policy Players and "Best Outcomes" - Going it Alone or in Partnership October 2001

A paper on broadening the base of government policy-making presented to the IIR Designing, Implementing and Evaluating Successful Government Policy Conference in Wellington.

Strategic Management, Performance Management and Accountability 2000
CLIENT: State Services Commission
This report was prepared for the New Zealand State Services Commission as part of the Commission's ongoing work on the processes of government decision making. It draws out, generically, the fundamental distinctions between strategic management, performance management and accountability with a view to helping unravel the distinct role each component plays in public management, and how they intersect.

Ownership Matters: A Government Perspective June 2000

An article published in the NZ College of Management's Development Digest by Adrienne von Tunzelmann, McKinlay Douglas Ltd and Jenny Boshier, Assistant Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment.

Devolution: Partnership or Ad Hoc-ism? November 1998

A paper on the relationship between central and local government with the assistance of a grant from the State Services Commission.

Crown Entities: Categories and Principles 1995

CLIENT: State Services Commission
A report prepared for the State Services Commission as part of its Whole of Government Perspective Series. The report was widely used within Government and the Crown entity sector for a number of years as a guide to the principles that should apply in the establishment and operation of crown entities.

Redistribution of power? Devolution in New Zealand 1990
Book - published by the Victoria University Press for the Institute of Policy Studies
Edited by Peter McKinlay (Executive Director of McKinlay Douglas Ltd)
This book  explores the nature of the reform process that has been instituted by the New Zealand Labour Government, concluding that it is essentially a process of recentralisation. This process has not been a simple matter of devolution or disengagement as there are examples such as health which point towards centralisation. The book deals with local government, SOEs, education, health, women, welfare, iwi authorities and regulation, as well as placing the reforms in an historical context.
Order this book from the Institute of Public Policy.

Corporatisation: The Solution for State Owned Enterprise? 1987
Book - published by the Victoria University Press for the Institute of Policy Studies
The first of April 1987 saw what has been hailed as the biggest shake up in the history of the New Zealand public service. On this day, 9 corporations, established as limited liability companies, took over from 6 different government departments the administration of billions of dollars of assets, and the employment of some tens of thousands of people. This book written by Peter McKinlay (Executive Director of MDL Ltd) puts this change into context both internationally and in terms of New Zealand’s new development.
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